guest on sipping social podcast

i was recently invited to be a guest on the sipping social podcast

April 15, 2020

I've mentioned before my friend’s podcast Sipping Social Podcast. It’s a podcast that focuses on the restaurant industry, great beer and whisky as well as some funny stories along the way. I enjoy the podcast because Mike always shares a local beer that I can find and enjoy around the Upper Midwest area. As well as Garrett shares a bourbon gem that I can go hunting for to add to my collection.

They recently invited me to be a guest speaker, of course I said YES. I had a blast being part of their show. I truly enjoy the great work they do and happy to see them in action. I was able sip on a pour from the bottle of Makers Mark Private Select they had a hand in picking and bottling. They handpicked the staves giving the makers a smooth taste. I’m happy they recommended the purchase and I’m happy to have it in my collection.

Head on over to the Sipping Social Podcast website and have a listen, it’s out now and it’s a great episode. The first one they’ve made in quarantine 2020.