sql search

a quick and easy tool to find an object in SQL server

May 03, 2012

Often times I find myself needing a way to find some text within stored procedures or looking at anything that references a object within SQL server. Like most developers/DBAs I instantly start writing something that goes after the system tables. This works well, but can be annoying to press the keys a bunch of times punching out the same select statement where having something that will just do it for you would be nice.

redgate has put out a free tool called SQL Search which will find text within stored procedures, functions, views, indexes, etc. It will find any references to an object and help you to quickly navigate the objects. It will even return the full stored procedure text properly formatted in a preview window when selecting an object.

If you find yourself doing these kinds of tasks in SQL, I’d recommend taking it for a spin. I promise you won’t be disappointed.